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About Our Event Catering Service

The Chef's Palate believes that every client should feel the joy of hosting a successful event while having the night off. From setup to cleanup, there is something to be said about being able to relax after the guests have left. At The Chef's Palate, our staff is dedicated to this high standard of customer service. Our clients experience the fine touch of personal service that most large catering companies cannot provide. We can cater and plan a variety of events, from wedding catering & corporate catering to private social gatherings.

The Chef's Palate was established in 2005 by Chef Anthony Gregg.

Having graduated from the California Culinary Academy in 1998, Anthony set off to find his own niche in the culinary world. That journey took him through some of the finest hotels and restaurants in San Francisco, CA.

Private Party Catering Hillsborough, CA

Catering Company in San Francisco, CA

Offering wedding catering, corporate catering & more!

Learning from many chefs and industry leaders, Anthony learned the importance of client service as well as the elegance of hand-crafted cuisine. Having been exposed to the planning and executing of events for many years, Anthony felt that customer service and flexibility were missing in the event industry. He believed that he could change that one event at a time.

Leaving the hotel and restaurant industry behind, Anthony chose to continue his own vision of "a perfect event," and The Chef's Palate was born.

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